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This was the first annual report for the company Sterigenics. Their company, at the time, sterilized meat products and cosmetics through radiation (they have since focused their work in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry). When they were woking with meat sterilization, it was a challenging company to find visual solutions that weren’t off putting to the readers. My idea was to align their company with the work of such scientific greats as Louis Pasteur and work he did on the pasteurization of milk. We now think of pasteurization as a good and healthy benefit to our society, but from the onset it was looked upon with question and fear. I directed a photo shoot using acetate images of Louis Pasteur as well as compass’ and other thought provoking science and nature related imagery and content. The title of the report was called “Power in Science”. A title I came up with for the client and they liked. The content for the introduction by the CEO was then written to work with the design theme I had presented.