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Ibeam Broadcasting

I was presented with the prospect of designing an “unforgettable” “won’t want to throw it away” invitation for a product launch party for Ibeam Broadcasting. I presented them with an idea of actually slicing pieces of structural I-beam, polishing them and branding them with the company logo and to my surprise they went with it. So after purchasing 5000 pounds of I-beam, within a deadline, I directed the polishing and branding of the steel while designing a keepsake box for it, a slick invitation and a unique die cut metal event badge. I love the use of different materials so working with the die cutter for the badge and metal wrap was fantastic. We went on to create some simple promotional pieces for them using the same cut metal idea. The client was thrilled and the event was a great success. Sometimes I think design can really help drive the momentum of excitement and largess for an event, and this felt like one of those times.